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Do you think romantic chemistry is instant or evolving?

November 9th, 2009 (10:25 pm)
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Ultimately, whatever "romantic chemistry" turns out to be I doubt there's any basis on which to disbelieve its existence. Having given 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and more "chances" while knowing better and living to regret it. Put it this way, "Where there's life there's hope", comes the closest to describing it -- and there's no period of evolution to it at all.

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Writer's Block: The truth is out there ...

September 12th, 2009 (07:52 pm)

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If someone discusses UFOs at a party, do you assume they're a visionary or bonkers? Do you consider yourself a believer or a skeptic?
I'm a skeptic, but not one who dismisses out-of-hand any phenomena that a very wide range and very large number of people have been reporting for centuries despite a sudden, fifty-year-plus, faddish social fascination with it that has spawned intentional acts of fakery and drama for both profit and supposed "disproof" of these phenomena. Conclusive proof or disproof has never been presented. I would be a fool to commit myself to a side that claimed to have absolute hard fact -- No one does, and that remains the only reasonably justifiable conclusion.


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This Is Shit.....yes it is.

July 6th, 2009 (09:48 pm)

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Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. vax score: 9
2. hippocampus score: 8
3. netbsd score: 8
4. oysterhead score: 8
5. domme score: 8
6. electrical engineering score: 7
7. dec score: 7
8. vms score: 7
9. piss score: 7
10. brain score: 7
11. pee score: 6
12. lisp score: 6
13. butt plugs score: 6
14. ludwig von mises score: 5
15. bartok score: 5
16. pokey the penguin score: 5
17. scsi score: 5
18. retrocomputing score: 5
19. piss drinking score: 5
20. scat score: 5

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Do You Hate to Be Single?

July 6th, 2009 (09:17 pm)

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You Like Being Single
Being single is just fine with you, but you don't always love it.
Like most people, you would prefer to be attached... but you are rightfully picky.

While you may not need to be in a relationship, you'd like to be in one.
You try to make your life as great as possible, whether you're with someone or not.

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Bailie Weiss In Memorium

April 27th, 2009 (09:43 am)

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Bailie Weiss, 1940-2009 -- Remembered.

You were there long before I was and you were there for me always, but you are no longer here while I remain.


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Writer's Block: Philanthropy

April 26th, 2009 (12:49 pm)
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Do you volunteer your time or donate money to any charitable organizations? Which ones, and why?
I might otherwise have donated time and money to charitable organizations and philanthropic agencies were they clearly distinguishable from other major "for-profit" corporations but the line is very blurred as to how much money goes where and if it's fairly distributed but the truth is that it's far from that, although, to be fair and accurate, it is impossible to run any charitable organization differently from any corporation having to be as successful as any corporation in having to sustain themselves as a viable organization.

No organization can run in the red, charitable or otherwise. Somebody has to pay for those CEOs' and IT professionals' Porches and $2,000,000 homes or they wouldn't work there without the same incentive that draws them to IBM, Microsoft, and a host of alike corporations. These aren't "Mother Theresas" and "Albert Schweitzers" taking marginal salaries when they could command so much more like there peers who do command those salaries.

When I do give to charitable organizations it's on a very local level such as firemen's funds and organizations for the homeless which more directly benefit those in need of their services and there's less money involved so that those involved with the services who do line their pockets are doing it with far less cash and are still more accountable for the money they draw from any shifting of the books.

This is not a popular thing to say but I'm very intent on knowing that what I give goes mostly to those it was intended to benefit.


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Writer's Block: True Crime

January 16th, 2009 (01:55 am)

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Today is the anniversary of the death of Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia. What real-life murder story are you most fascinated by?
"Son Of Sam" -- Was Berkowitz the right guy or just some schizophrenic used to calm public fear?

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Writer's Block: On the Bus

January 10th, 2009 (04:42 am)

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Jam a bunch of people together in a tight space like a bus or the subway and something crazy is bound to happen. What's the most memorable thing you've seen on mass transit?
Well, it is memorable.
Just as a Red Sox game ended I knew it would be like being in one of the lower rungs of hell to squeeze myself onto the first available underground streetcar that I could manage to barely fit into and still breathe, absolutely certain to be full of angry people mashed as tightly together as if they had been put in a trash compacter, each one detesting the existence of each and everyone else. (No, I wasn't at THE GAME but I had to be home for 'family obligations'.)

One car came along that looked so bizarre that it defied explanation and I didn't believe what I was seeing: roughly the front third, likely less, of the streetcar was full of tightly compressed people while nearly two thirds of the back were empty. I didn't question it when the doors gusted open and I had my choice of any seat in the back two thirds of that car. I had no explanation for this craziness until my nose and eyes began to water and my breathing began to become involuntarily minimal.

That was when I received my explanation, goddamnit!!! Somehow, one person had puked so copiously that it looked as if ten or more cows had hurled their guts all over the back two thirds of the streetcar and it was deep enough that the bottoms of my sneakers were submerged in it but I even managed to have the blind luck of choosing one of the very few seats that somehow escaped the gush of the "vomit storm"! There really is no describing this horror scene and how obvious it was from the consistency of the sputum that it originated from one fucking unlucky (More likely in truth, very lucky!) sonofabitch who let loose with this gusher. It didn't look humanly possible that a single individual was the container of what soaked about two thirds of a streetcar, but I rushed to the front with the other sardines if only to breathe again.

Absolutely nobody wanted me near them, needless to say even though it was only the soles of my sneakers and very bottoms of my jeans that had any remnants of the flood on them -- there was likely some odor from that but I have more reason to believe the pungently sour stench wasn't made any worse by the little that was on me and so close to the floor -- that was something I made absolutely damn sure of the second I bolted up from that seat!

I actually believed for a few short minutes that I was unexplainably fortunate for some freakishly strange reason. Holy bloody shit, no! Did I feel like the stupidest fucking brainless fool on earth for a while? Ohhhh, yeah! (Cringe!!!)

To this day I've wanted to see whoever it was that had the sheer physical capacity first to retain what I saw on that streetcar. What size was he??? (She?) Ack!


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Writer's Block: Your Dream Dinner

July 11th, 2008 (11:09 am)

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If you could have dinner with anyone at all, dead or alive, famous or not, who would you go with? Out of anywhere in the world, where would you eat?
Frank Zappa at a very quiet Italian restaurant with as many hours of conversation as possible and a very sensitive tape recorder running throughout the dinner.


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Writer's Block: Caring

July 4th, 2008 (06:49 am)

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Who do you care about most in your life?
My sisters.